Saturday, November 11, 2006

Photos From The 2006 International Miss Cuttlefish Competition

Well, folks, the 2006 International Miss Cuttlefish Competition has come and gone, and, as you can imagine, it caused quite a stir. The excitement of having the loveliest cuttlefishes from all over the world gathered in one reef rattled the cuttlebones of all who attended, and when the results were announced, there wasn't a blank chromatophore in the house.

And now, the Associated Undersea Press is pleased to present to you, the reader, the results of this gala event. So, put your denticulated suckers together, and feast your doubly foveated eyes with w-shaped pupils on these beautiful bathypelagic bombshells! If these girls don't get your hemocyanin pumping, nothing will! They're sure to steal each one of your three separate hearts!

Edwina Moroni, Miss Cuttlefish 2006, Weeping As She Receives News Of Her Victory

Runner-Up Fabiola Consternado In Her Evening Gown

N'dewe Umbalo, Miss Cuttlefish 2005, Sings "Castle On A Cloud" From Les Miserables During The Pageant Opening Ceremony

An Animated Moment During The Bette Midler Song And Dance Revue

Pageant Judges Jeff Zimmer, Bill Fenton, And Ken Rossler Grinning During The Swimwear Portion Of The Cuttlefish Pageant

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